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Disclaimer: the News Radar is not commissioned or endorsed by Microsoft.

Guidelines to participate

1. Using the tagging feature of your blogging system, start tagging blog posts that you find relevant to other educator experts. Use the tag mieexpert15 and make sure to write it in all lowercase: spell mieexpert15, not MIEExpert 15 and not #mieexpert15 – no capital letters, no # hashtag character, no double quotes and no spaces.
Screenshot on how to do this in Blogspot, thanks to Azhar Youssef:

Blogger Tagging_Azhar

Screeenshot on how to tag in WordPress:2014-11-28_0826


2. Be very selective in what you tag. We only want your very, very best posts. We expect Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts to submit their own, original writing only. If you point to other people’s writing, only quote a maximum of 10 % from the original author, and give full, correct credit to that person. Not doing so is considered serious plagiarism. It’s not only lazy and wrong, but also illegal.

Explain why you point to something, how it affects your teaching, how it affects you as a professional or how it affects your students. What made you write about it in the first place? How do you think other expert educators will be able to benefit from your writing? Don’t write about how good you are at something, what certificates or qualifications you have or other things that are quickly seen as boasting. If a lot of your sentences start with “I”, then you’re probably too self-centered.

3. Make your blog posts look at their best. Open them on your website and verify that everything looks good. You may write in any language. Blog posts ideally have around 60 words or more. The News Radar picks up the first 60 80 [!] words of your blog post. Include one or more images that support your message. You may also want to consider embedding a video. If you use these elements, add them at the beginning of the post. Make sure web addresses are nicely hyperlinked with a title. Run a spell checker.

4. Tag at most one post per day. You can tag posts from previous dates, but those will likely not show up on the home page.

5. Verify that you can open the page on your blog that lists the tagged posts only. Here is a good example on WordPress:
And an example on Blogspot:

6. In step 5 you have obtained the page that lists all of your tagged blog posts. You may now submit that page to me via the contact page. Please include these details:
Your first name LAST NAME
Your Twitter username if you have one
Your blog page listing all of the posts tagged with mieexpert15
Other social media profile links: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube channel
Your profile on the Microsoft Educator Network
It would be great if you’d consider joining the MIEExpert15 LinkedIn group and Zeemaps initiatives.

7. Send me a SQUARE profile photo of yourself to include on the News Radar Contributors page. Please submit the best picture of yourself that you can find. Both jpg and png formats are fine. To send the image, you can use the News Radar Contact page; it now has the option to include a file attachment.

8. In addition to the profile photo, there is also room for a profile text of 90-110 words. Please use this space to the full, so that all profiles have a similar appearance. The profile text will show up on the Contributors page and on the author page for you that shows all of your posts. Readers will be able to visit your author page by clicking on the green button below your profile text on the Contributors page. Here’s a screenshot of Hari Krishna Arya’s profile text:2014-12-07_1017

Instructions: Write your profile text in the language you are most confident or most proficient in. As usual you may use the Contact page to submit your own profile text to me or simply send me an email message. Don’t stop reading just yet.

About the profile text content
The first sentence should briefly mention your job function and location (10-12 words). In the remainder of the profile text (80-100 words), explain what inspires you in your work, and how you look to the future. What drives you? What change would you like to make and what aspirations do you have in your relations to other people and with regard to educational innovations? Most profiles speak from the 1st person, so something like “When I see that my students….”.

9. Please note that your profile text and blog posts should not be about achievements, qualifications or certifications. Without wanting to sound too direct: don’t boast about being an MIEExpert15. We already know that you won the award and that you are proud of it. Final nudge: please use a spell checker in everything you submit for publication on the News Radar.

Frequently check if your posts look nice on the News Radar. If they don’t, please fix this yourself and notify me so that I can manually refresh the News Radar.

10. The new layout for News Radar author profile pages has room for social-media links, a link to your Educator Network profile page, a LinkedIn widget, and a Zeemaps map that shows your location. It helps tremendously if you make sure that these external sources are up to date and complete.

11. Please consider tweeting about the News Radar. You can write your own or retweet this Nov 24 tweet:

#mieexpert15 Microsoft Innovative Educators News Radar has launched – – Is your blog included yet?

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