“In my work, I know that technology alone cannot build the skills of the 21st century. Information technologies are an accelerator, but the power of change lies with teachers.” – Ivan Gionov, Bulgaria



Ivan Gionov
Senior Teacher
French Language School
Sofia, Bulgaria

Senior IT teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Ivan Gionov knows how to innovate on a large scale. Gionov’s school was one of the first educational institutions in Bulgaria to introduce cloud technology, and this Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) played a key role in the school’s launch of Office 365. Today, all students and teachers at the school have their own Office365 accounts with the domain feg.bg.

But Gionov also understands that innovation isn’t all about technology.… Visit the author's original post

How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future

Microsoft in Education recently held School Leadership breakfasts in 5 capital cities, hosted by US expert and Ph.D. Dr. Gary Stager.

The theme for this event series was 'How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future'. Gary has spent the past 35 years helping schools around the world embrace technology as an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression. During his presentation, he raised thought-provoking questions such as:

  • Why is making and STEM-based learning so important?
  • As an educator, what's the smallest seed you can plant to help kids minds to blossom?
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“We are a collaborative group where I’m only a mentor who helps my students to go their way.” – Olga Ilchenko, Russia

Olga Ilchenko
Educational Expert
Federal Institute of Education
Moscow, Russia

As a teacher trainer, Olga Ilchenko has been working with Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs) and Microsoft Showcase Schools for years, always searching for the best methods for these educators and schools to apply in their classrooms. What works? As with so much we find here at Daily Edventures, there is no single silver bullet.

“It’s a mix of several different tools,” says Ilchenko. “The first rule is that teachers themselves can choose the appropriate set of tools.… Visit the author's original post

Prime attività a scuola

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Le attività didattiche a classi aperte sono sempre entusiasmanti. Così è cominciato il primo giorno di scuola per gli alunni delle classi prime che partecipano al progetto eTwinning "Link to the World from Europe".

Un ringraziamento particolare a Maria Josè Giavedoni, Monica Boccoli e Simonetta Anelli per avermi coinvolta nel progetto.

Ecco alcuni scatti.

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“I realized how important education is in the 21st century, and that some of my teaching methods need to evolve.” – Karel Rejthar, Czech Republic

Karel Rejthar
Teacher, ICT Manager
Střední škola zemědělská a potravinářská
Klatovy, Czech Republic

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Karel Rejthar knows that his students have infinite sources from which they can learn. As a result, he doesn’t believe in “teaching,” but rather “guiding” them toward proficiency in 21st century skills.

Even so, he’s found it challenging at times to motivate his students. Then, he attended a Summer Camp for Innovative Teachers.

“I met people who think like me,” says Rejthar, “always learning, always sharing.… Visit the author's original post

‘Working Smarter’ with Hable – a Microsoft Education Partner

In the classroom, technology can facilitate myriad changes to the ways in which we go about tackling a number of tasks and activities, saving time for teachers and students, and fundamentally changing the way schools can undertake pedagogical methods and practices. More functional devices, and the ability to access information and work from different physical locations has enabled more and more teachers to embraced flipped learning, enabling swifter marking and feedback, making lesson time a more collaborative experience. As we prepare today's learners for the modern workplace, the role of technology within education takes on increasingly more importance as the students are exposed to some of the working practices they will encounter in their future careers, all the while developing the digital skills they will need in order to succeed.… Visit the author's original post

Webinaires gratuits en 2018. Inscriptions ouvertes !!!

Bonjour à tous !

Excellente nouvelle ! Jurgen Wagner propose de nouveaux webinaires pour amoureux des langues et des nouvelles technologies !

J'en animerai 2 en français en 2018 :

- L'élève au cœur de sa réussite le 15 janvier 2018 entre 19h et 19h45. Vous aurez l'occasion d'en apprendre plus sur mon ouvrage, grâce à des analyses de lecteurs ainsi qu'en me posant des questions en direct !
Pour vous inscrire, c'est ici !

Ce sera en outre l'occasion de gagner l'un de mes livres !Visit the author's original post

Percorsi di apprendimento

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Non sempre i discenti sanno accostarsi in modo consapevole a un testo. Per questo motivo nei primi giorni di scuola svolgo delle lezioni pratiche. Esploro insieme agli alunni il volume in adozione per individuare l'indice, solitamente collocato nelle prime pagine.

Leggiamo l'indice per farci un'idea degli argomenti e delle parti in cui gli stessi sono suddivisi. Osserviamo i titoli, i più grandi indicano le sezioni  che contengono una serie di moduli o parti che sono costituite da unità articolate in paragrafi.

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Mind mapping

Je viens de recevoir un petit mot d'une élève qui est désormais dans le supérieur et qui ne se souvenait pas du site que nous avions utilisé pour faire des mind maps.
Une excellente opportunité d'écrire un petit billet sur le sujet !
Tout d'abord : qu'est-ce que le mind mapping ? Réponse ici sur le site de l'Académie de Martinique !
Mais quel site choisir ?
Mon outil préféré est Popplet qui permet de créer des mind maps extrêmement facilement et rapidement !… Visit the author's original post

E2 UK Live Event: Help us shape the future of Education Technology this October

Microsoft Education UK is thrilled to host our first ever E² Regional Conference - a dynamic new event for education technology leaders in the UK. Spread over three days, this FREE event will be packed full of great content and activities led by educators and education technology experts. Each day is a specially tailored for specific roles within education, with activities and sessions specifically addressing the needs and aspirations of IT Leads and Multi Academy Trust IT Leaders, School Leaders, and Microsoft Innovative Educators.… Visit the author's original post

“I thought I was alone in my ideas for greater understanding and access to technology.” – Linda Sydes, Australia


Linda Sydes
Year 5 Primary School Teacher
Meridan State College
Queensland, Australia

Linda Sydes’ favorite classroom activities let her students show their understanding of learning in a creative way – but how they do that is largely up to them.

“Many choose to use Minecraft,” Sydes says, citing a project where her students showed how Moreton Bay (near Brisbane, Queensland) has changed from pre-European settlement to convict times, and from the 1800s to today.

“Students built the first settler camps, the second fleet ships, soldiers barracks, and the Storey bridge,” Sydes explains.… Visit the author's original post

“I lead by example and share my story daily on Twitter, hoping that it helps someone who might be nervous about taking a risk to just do it.” – Benjamin Kelly, Canada

Benjamin Kelly
Teacher/Lead of Innovation Design
Anglophone East School District
Moncton, New Brunswick

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Benjamin Kelly has a full toolbox when it comes to practicing Universal Design for Learning. And his favorite activities in his toolbox always include Microsoft’s Minecraft Education Edition. Why? Minecraft not only allows students to demonstrate and showcase their understanding in a wide variety of ways, “it also offers an engagement factor that encourages students’ best work,” says Kelly.

“The best way for teachers to use Minecraft in the classroom is to get in the game and work with the students,” Kelly shares.… Visit the author's original post

Get up to speed with the latest #MicrosoftEdu updates and resources for the new term

With the new term getting into full swing, there are plenty of resources and updates to help you get the most out of any new and existing technology in the classroom as the year continues. In case you missed it, the Back To School Live event hosted by Microsoft product experts and MIE Experts included an interactive set of online workshops, TweetMeets and tips to help you get the most out of OneNote Class Notebook with Microsoft Teams, Minecraft: Education Edition, Windows 10 S and Intune for Education.… Visit the author's original post

Primi giorni di scuola

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Quest’anno avrò tre classi, due di queste sono totalmente nuove e per imparare a conoscere i miei alunni ho preparato dei giochi di logica e dei giochi linguistici. D’altronde il motto che caratterizza tutte le mie attività è “imparare divertendosi”.

Le capacità logiche si sviluppano anche con la lingua italiana!

Niente di meglio che predisporre dei simpatici giochi che da una parte allenano la percezione visiva e spaziale e dall’altra parte sviluppano la creatività e insegnano la duttilità della lingua italiana.

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“I have trained over 1000 teachers.” – Simon Kiteme, Kenya

Simon Kiteme
Head of Science Department
Kwa Ngindu Secondary/TSC
Kenya, Africa

It can be easy to take today’s sophisticated classroom technology for granted. But when an internet connection isn’t a given and teachers haven’t yet embraced technology, school leaders must be extra-creative.

For Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Simon Kiteme, that meant becoming the first East/Central African educator to take — and pass — the Microsoft Certified Educator training. And once he became certified, Kiteme helped his fellow educators learn how to use technology to support student learning and success.… Visit the author's original post

“Working with [a disabled] student really challenged me… I learned to be more flexible, and to focus on the possibilities rather than the limitations.” – Anna Mendoza, Australia

Anna Mendoza
Teacher and English Domain Leader, E-pedagogy
Gleneagles Secondary College
Victoria, Australia

As students spend more time watching videos, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Anna Mendoza is worried that student attitudes about reading have become increasingly negative.

“Whilst I appreciate a multi-modal approach,” she says, “this is having a huge impact on their literacy skills and ability to accurately comprehend and infer information from text.”

To combat the problem, Mendoza is working hard to embed reading into her school’s classrooms daily, and is using testing data to target the gaps they present with.… Visit the author's original post

Creating pathways to success through the Microsoft Imagine Academy

Guest blog post by Paw Kappel, Head of Department ICT P-12 at Bentley Park College

Bentley Park College is a P–12 State College in the southern corridor of Cairns, Queensland. The College’s socio-economic index is in the bottom quartile. In the past, the College did not have many high achieving students, few pursued a university education and many ended up unemployed. Overall QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) attainment in 2011 was 55%, and only 25% for Indigenous students.

In 2011, our school decided to focus more resources on establishing a culture of excellence in technology and demonstrating the connection between improved student learning and our own improved practice with ICT.… Visit the author's original post

Si ricomincia…

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Si ricomincia... con nuove attività ed esperienze che mi auguro possano veramente cambiare e stravolgere l'aula che per molti studenti continua a riproporsi senza significativi cambiamenti.

In questi mesi ho letto numerosi post sui social che enfatizzavano come unica soluzione la riproposizione del vecchio modo di fare scuola. Inoltre ci si scagliava contro il Web e gli strumenti multimediali come se fossero il male da rifuggire. Pochi, ahimè, si mettevano in discussione... Per quanto mi riguarda la scuola non può continuare a viaggiare su un binario diverso ed estraniarsi dalla realtà.

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Apprendre et Enseigner ! Padlet (l’un de mes outils numériques préférés) etc…

Bonjour à tous !

Mes outils préférés sont simples d'utilisation pour que mes élèves puissent les prendre en main très vite et qu'ils les utilisent à leur tour (qu'ils créent leurs Padlets par exemple :).
Une amie Facebook vient de me demander de l'aide à ce sujet donc je profite d'en faire un petit billet !

Pour commencer j'ai choisi 3 tutoriels en ligne :
-- un excellent tutoriel PDF très utile -- ainsi qu'un tutoriel vidéo : Pourquoi utiliser Padlet?… Visit the author's original post

“Confining students behind desks will not work anymore in a technology classroom because that is not how engineers, designers, and other creative professionals work.” – Shepherd Simango, South Africa

Shepherd Simango
Design & Technology Teacher/Computer Applications Teacher
St. Stithians Girls’ College
Johannesburg, South Africa

As a technology teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE), Shepherd Simango encourages his students to be explorative, especially when they are faced with a problem. For Simango and his students, mobile devices have proven to be invaluable.

“[Mobile devices] can be used for content creation using Office apps,” says Simango. “They can also be used as tools to capture and store data such as images and voice and video recordings.… Visit the author's original post

“As teachers, we constantly seek ways to engage students and find ways for them to take charge of their own learning.” – Michael Cocks, Australia 

Michael Cocks
Senior History Teacher
Toowoomba Grammar School
Toowoomba, Australia

Last year Michael Cocks walked into his classroom with a new idea.

“During the first five minutes of the lesson I gave my students the necessary instructions, and then for the next hour, they all worked quietly, diligently and enthusiastically,” he shares. “Rather than just standing in front of them and talking, I spent the time observing the students and working one-on-one with those who needed help. At the end, I asked the class how they enjoyed their lesson.… Visit the author's original post

Behind every great person is a great teacher – Michael Furdyk, Canada

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on February 14, 2012.

If you’ve ever wondered just how important a teacher is, just ask Michael Furdyk.
“When I was in grade three, I somehow connected with one of the grade five gifted teachers, Ms. Gee, who saw my passion for technology, took me under her wing, and included me in some of her class activities,” says Furdyk.The confidence she had in me was a huge boost to my self-esteem, and helped me realize that I could accomplish whatever I set my eyes on.”

And his accomplishments are many.… Visit the author's original post

Teaching with a new device this term? View an on-demand webinar to get the most from Windows 10 in the classroom

To help educators get to grips with new devices and get most out them in an educational setting, we have a number of on-demand webinars delivered by trained teachers, Student Ambassadors and Microsoft product experts, aimed at familiarising them with some of the latest accessibility features of Windows 10, as well as closer looks at some of the specific devices from a range OEMs and the Microsoft Surface family of devices.… Visit the author's original post

“We created a learn-from-each-other environment.” – Mohammad Aliff Bin Othman, Malaysia 

Mohammad Aliff Bin Othman
Geography Teacher
MRSM Tun Mohammad Fuad Stephens
Sandakan, Malaysia

When Mohammad Aliff Bin Othman began his career as a Geography teacher, he felt the stress most new teachers feel: How could he best manage his classroom, and make sure his teaching skills were the best they could be for his students? Then in August 2016, Bin Othman was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), and his world changed dramatically. 

“This program has been a priceless gift for me,” says Bin Othman.… Visit the author's original post

“I cannot imagine teaching without cloud applications.” – Tomasz Lukawski, Poland

Tomasz Lukawski
Head Teacher and Computer Science Teacher
Primary School No.3
Zabki/Warsaw, Poland

Music may seem like an unusual path to computer science, but for principal and classroom teacher Tomasz Lukawski, it proved to be just that.

“I used to be a music teacher,” Lukawski explains. “From the beginning, as soon as I bought my first PC, I composed music on the computer and accompaniment for the school vocal group. Computer science so fascinated me, that I decided to teach it.”

These days, Lukawski takes full advantage of technology to not only manage his school and communicate with parents, students and teachers, but to take the curriculum to the next level.Visit the author's original post

“We shouldn’t even be talking about technology. We should be saying, ‘What’s the best educational experience for the student?’” – Sal Khan, USA

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on February 13, 2013.

Salman “Sal” Khan has unquestionably made a lasting impact in the world of education – his name has come up countless times here at Daily Edventures, as teachers and others point to his video lessons as an example of transformational change in education. Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, created Khan Academy after using video tutorials to help his niece with algebra.… Visit the author's original post

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